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Content may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. May contain mature sexual themes or more intense violence or language.

Global Operations is a stand alone, team based, first person shooter based on a significantly modified version of the LithTech 2.5 engine,. Although it is being developed as a multiplayer experience for up to 24 players, there will also be a single player game with AI controlled teammates and opponents.

Barking Dog Studios are developing Global Operations for Crave Entertainment.

Missions and Teams
The teams consist of real world special forces, peacekeepers, terrorists, rebel groups, and guerilla forces. Levels have various objectives that are appropriate to the map location and each level has a pre-defined time limit. The missions are loosely based on real life events that take place in various international locations such as Peru, Sri Lanka, and the SkiiNaaz Tunnel. Each of the 28 elite fighting forces in the game are based on the actual combatants in the real world location being portrayed.

Global Operations allows the player to choose between seven player specialties: Reconnaissance, Commando, Medic, Heavy Weapons, Sniper, Demolitions, and Intelligence Officer. Although all specialties will be well trained soldiers, each will have certain unique skills and abilities as well as having unique weaponry from which to choose. However; this does not mean each player specialty cannot use all of the weapons in the game. For example, if a player chooses to play as a heavy weapons specialist and his primary weapon runs out of ammo, he can use any found weapon even if it falls outside of his specialization (although possibly at a lower level of skill).

Weapons and equipment
Global Operations features 32 weapons:

- 8 handguns
- 4 shotguns
- 6 sub-machine guns
- 6 assault rifles
- 4 machine guns
- 4 sniper rifles

There will also be additional equipment:

- Armor
- Night Vision
- Thermal Vision
- Medical Kits
- Knife
- Remote C4
- Timed C4

Every weapon has been modeled after digital images of real guns. Firing, loading and cocking sounds are based on the recordings of actual weapons. The ballistics system is very complex, taking into account material density, hardness, wall thickness, bullet caliber, player movement based accuracy, specialty based accuracy, armor and per polygon hit location. A sophisticated decal system is used to represent entrance and exit wounds as well as material specific bullet marks on the environment.

Troop Transport Devices
When players die in Global Operations, they are re-inserted into the game via a Troop Transport Device (TTD). This will most often take the form of a military transport vehicle such as an APC or a Helicopter. The TTD will have a travel period (which will vary map to map) during which players may get weapons, communicate with each other and get an idea of what is currently happening in the map. Once the vehicle has arrived at the team start point it will open up and players can join the game as a group.

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