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Content may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. May contain mature sexual themes or more intense violence or language.


General Mission Description: BDNN WorldDesk:- The In answer to the growing pressure from the US Drug Enforcement Agency, Mexican authorities have sharply stepped up their efforts to limit the northward flow of narcotics. Dubbed Operation QuickStep by the Mexican army, this will be a campaign waged by Mexican Special Forces units specially trained in the anti-drug role and supported by regular Army assets.

U.S. law enforcement efforts in the Caribbean during the mid-1980s caused drug traffickers to find alternative routes into the drug markets in the United States. Mexico is now the traffickers' preferred route, a country with a 2,000-mile border with the United States, a 30-year history of drug smuggling and the existence of cross-border family ties.

Force 1 Name: Mexican Army
Force 1 Team Description: The Mexican Army Special Forces units, despite an initial lack of training or high-tech equipment, have achieved a high level of proficiency through experiences in Chiapas and in coordinated operations with US Special Forces. The recent change in US policy towards the ‘Mexicanization’ of the drug war has resulted in a chance for Mexican units to receive equipment and training directly from the US Army.

Force 2 Name: Gallardo Cartel
Force 2 Team Description: Though nearly eliminated in the mid 1980s, the family-run Gallardo cartel has risen again to power and is moving more narcotics than ever before. Using experienced gunmen from around the world for security, they operate out of small border towns which they take over and run like military encampments.


General Mission Description: BDNN WorldDesk:- A daring daylight jailbreak is in progress in historic Quebec City today. A Turkish national having ties to the Turkish Defense League (TDL), has been broken out of an armored car while being transferred to a high security detention facility. Originally arrested in Quebec City on charges of fundraising for the TDL, it has been discovered that he is actually a high level commander of the same group, who is eagerly sought by Turkish authorities on numerous charges. Unconfirmed reports state that members of the North American arm of the TDL are responsible for the breakout and are attempting to slip themselves and their leader through police lines.

Force 1 Name: JTF-2 (Joint Task Force 2)
Force 1 Team Description: JTF-2 (Joint Task Force Two) is an elite unit of the Canadian Armed Forces. Shrouded in secrecy, they have been trained to operate as an SAS-style special operations unit. Their missions have never been made public but rumors persist of their covert involvement in support of international peacekeeping efforts.

Force 2 Name: TDL (Turkish Devense League)
Force 2 Team Description: The North American wing of the Turkish Defense League is a small brigade responsible for robberies and extortion. Their chief aim is fundraising for the European core of the TDL, which carries out violent attacks against Turkish government and military targets.


General Mission Description: BDNN WorldDesk:- Following the military-style attacks on three power substations last month, the group known as Black River Brigade is making another attempt to shut down the electrical power grid of the western United States. It seems the Keerok Dam, operated by CaliWest Power Systems, is the next target as we have received reports of gunfire and SWAT team helicopter sightings at the dam. The Keerok Dam, built in 1972, supplies electrical power for vast regions of the western United States and government officials say that the economic effects of any disruption of power at the plant would be significant.

Force 1 Name: SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics)
Force 1 Team Description: Special Weapons and Tactics units such as this one are trained to respond at any time to a variety of situations such as high-risk arrest, security details, hostage takings, sniper suppression and any incident where lives and property may be at risk.

Force 2 Name: Black River Brigade
Force 2 Team Description: The Black River Brigade seeks to draw attention to their cause: to weaken the political structures that they perceive to hold all the power in America. Their initial strikes were carefully planned and highly disciplined in execution, causing maximum disruption to the region. This would seem to indicate the BRB might be composed partially of disaffected former military personnel.


General Mission Description: BDNN WorldDesk:- Krongen MedTech International announced a breakthrough in Immunology Thursday when they unveiled details of their PRO-C5 compound and its effect on viral structures. PRO-C5 prevents a wide variety of viruses from replicating inside human cells and could be a treatment for everything from Chicken Pox to AIDS. Krongen sources say the compound was synthesized using a revolutionary gene-sequencer called the JX3, built at their high-security research base in Antarctica. Pol Krongen, CEO of KMTI said Thursday “While PR0-C5 is a miracle drug, it is just the beginning for his company and the JX3 sequencer.” KMTI stock jumped 27 points as a result of this announcement and conservative estimates of the profits to be made from PR0-C5 are in the billions.

Force 1 Name: Krongen Coporation Security Force
Force 1 Team Description: Corporate Security has become essential since the Krongen Corporation became a major player in virus reseach. Krongen employs a private security force at all facilities made up of ex-military and SWAT operatives. They must be ready for any security emergency that would leave the controversial research vulnerable.

Force 2 Name: Private Solutions Inc. (P.S.I.)
Force 2 Team Description: P.S.I. is a highly trained mercenary strike force that works for the highest bidder. Members have been recruited from the armed forces of various countries, and have participated mainly in corporate espionage situations. Their current employer is unknown, although speculation points to a competitor of Krongen’s.


General Mission Description: BDNN WorldDesk:- Lloyds of London issued a warning to all of its shipping clients indicating that Lloyds had officially upgraded the South China Sea to a Red Travel zone in light of the rash of attacks by ocean going thieves. While various forms of Piracy have been a problem on the South China Sea for literally Millennia, the recent open market expansion of Mainland China has helped create a new breed of well-equipped, high tech pirates who prey upon the steadily increasing numbers of freighters traveling through the region.

The close proximity to Mainland China as well as to various overlapping territorial claims makes the South China Sea notoriously difficult for International Forces to patrol. The Australian Government has stated it will be starting a program of placing security personnel aboard ships with valuable cargoes in order to protect Australian and international shipping. Interpol is co-operating with the Australian effort and is attempting to track down and disrupt the raiders on-shore assets.

Lloyds is attaching a 15% levy on insurance of ships that continue to travel through the South China Sea though they have indicated they may review this policy should the Australian efforts improve security in the region.

Force 1 Name: ASOF (Australian Special Operations Forces)
Force 1 Team Description: The ASOF are a highly trained Australian Special Operations unit that has a record of successful actions throughout the Southern Hemisphere. They are elite commandos drawn from the ranks of the regular Royal Australian Army.

Force 2 Name: Pirates
Force 2 Team Description: Backed by international organized crime, modern pirates exclusively target high value shipments in open waters. They are a collection of petty criminals, former mercenaries and ex-navy personnel recruited from across Southeast Asia. These loosely organized criminal gangs benefit from land-based operatives and commanders who help them choose targets and sell off the cargoes.


General Mission Description: BDNN ARTS & CULTURE:- Argentina is abuzz with anticipation for the first major showing of colonial-era art and religious artifacts from the northern provinces. Featuring everything from religious art and icons to Mayan pottery, this show will bring to light many objects that have never been shown to the public. The famous Giezara Museum in Argentina has been closed for two weeks as items are being shipped in and stored carefully until ready for placement. Museum officials say that the display areas are almost finished and they are on schedule for the opening of the show in three weeks.

This showing had originally been planned for last summer, but tensions with radical activist groups and fears of marring the tourist season caused the show to be cancelled. Recent political developments in the north and increased museum security led officials to resurrect plans for the show and add it to this summer's list of impressive tourist attractions.

Force 1 Name: Las Fuerzas Especiales (LFE)
Force 1 Team Description: Las Fuerzas Especiales is the Argentine government's official Special Forces unit. They are manned by handpicked members of the police force and are officially sanctioned, trained, and supplied by the government. LFE trains with the British SAS and the U.S. Delta Force and have very stringent entry standards.

Force 2 Name: Los Roja Esquadrilla (The Red Squad)
Force 2 Team Description: Los Roja Esquadrilla is an organization dedicated to the preservation of Argentine culture at all costs. While not connected with the militants in northern Argentina, they still have access to considerable funding for training and arms acquisitions.


General Mission Description: BDNN WorldDesk:- A faction of the Caspian Freedom Forces is holed up in a coal mine in the Caucasus Mountains. The Russian Army has recently begun an aggressive campaign to stamp out the last of the organized separatists in the Caspian region and have arrested or killed five CFF leaders in the past two months. In an attempt to reduce bloodshed, the Russian government has granted amnesty to any rank and file soldiers who surrender, but the rebel leaders and the soldiers directly under them still resist to the last.

Recent months have seen a reduction of Russian air strikes as a direct result of mounting losses from CFF anti-aircraft batteries purchased on the black market. This has left the Russian Army with little choice but to step up ground operations in what has become a grueling endgame to this long campaign.

Force 1 Name: Russian Army
Force 1 Team Description: The Russian Army fields an array of trained soldiers wielding top-line equipment. Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, the Russian Army has become one of the most skilled and experienced counter-insurgency groups in the world.

Force 2 Name: Caspian Freedom Force (CFF)
Force 2 Team Description: Battle hardened and desperate, this group has shown remarkable resilience in the face of relentless Russian pressure. They will not back down for anything; therefore, any force that faces them must be at least as tough or defeat will be a certainty.


General Mission Description: BDNN WorldDesk:- This morning, the Pentagon briefed assembled media that 'The war on drugs' is being combined with the fight against insurgency in Colombia. The Colombian government has requested the U.S. aid in countering the strengthening alliances between marxist guerillas and narcotics peddlers. The symbiotic relationship between the drug cartels and anti-government groups, such as the Corazones y Armas (Hearts and Arms) has been grouping in recent years. In return for the money to fund their revolutionary goals, the groups provide protection, enforcement, and collection services to the wealthy drug barons.

This combination of powers has proven to be more than the Colombian government can handle. A formal request for assistance has filtered through diplomatic channels and we have decided to give Colombia the military aid it requires in the form of training, weapons, and limited use of U.S. military assets to disrupt drug cartel operations and their infrastructure.

Force 1 Name: U.S. Special Forces
Force 1 Team Description: The Special Forces of the US Army consist of military personnel with cross training in basic and specialized military skills. They are organized into small, multi-purpose detachments with the mission to train, organize, supply, direct, and control indigenous forces in guerilla warfare and counterinsurgency operations and to conduct unconventional warfare operations.

Force 2 Name: Corozones y Armas (CYA)
Force 2 Team Description: Established in 1964, the Corozones y Armas is one of Colombia's oldest, largest, and best-equipped Marxist factions. They have been involved in bombings, murder, kidnapping, extortion, and hijacking, as well as guerrilla and conventional military action against Colombian political, military, and economic targets. They have well documented ties to narcotics traffickers, principally through the provision of armed protection.


General Mission Description: BDNN WorldDesk:- Yesterday morning members of the Vanni Liberation Force mounted a series of attacks against government facilities on the out-skirts of Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital. The rebels attacked in the early morning hours and quickly overcame scattered resistance around their targets before retreating back into the mountains. Units of the main Sri Lankan Army responed later in the day, but could only pursue the rebels a short way into the mountains before a series of traps and ambushes forced them to withdraw.

Security Minister Grupta Tang stated in his news conference that there is little doubt the attacks were spearheaded from the rebel encampment in the Sangar Pass and that the current situation has become intolerable. The former Sangar Temple sits at the strategically crucial juncture of the Sangar and Jalmee rivers and was captured by rebels eight months ago. Several large-scale assaults have been attempted by the Sri Lankan Army to regain control of the base, but all have failed in the face of rugged terrain and fierce rebel resistance. It is not known at this time if these latest rebel raids will elicit another all-out attack on the Sangar Pass stronghold.

Force 1 Name: Sri Lanka Army
Force 1 Team Description: This highly skilled counter-operations unit provides the primarily counter-attack response for Sri Lanka. They have received training from Great Britain, Israel, and Pakistan.

Force 2 Name: Vanni Liberation Force
Force 2 Team Description: The Vanni Liberation Force is considered one of the most dangerous groups operating in the world today. It is the militant win of the Marxist/Leninist political group representing the principal minority in Sri Lanka. They control most of the northern and eastern coastal areas of Sri Lanka, but have conducted operations throughout the island.


General Mission Description: BDNN WorldDesk:- The European criminal/political group known as the September Revolution have struck again, this time derailing a train deep underneath the alps in the Skiinaaz Tunnel. Authorities have reported that a collapse in the tunnel, possibly due to an explosion, has caused a minor derailment of a high-speed train bound for the French coast. No casualties have been reported in the incident and an emergency evacuation of the crash site is in progress.

The September Revolution is a group of neo-anarchists who are on a 16-month crime spree across Europe--Robbing banks, kidnapping wealthy officials, and destroying government property to achieve their goal of people's revolution. The group is dismissed by European governments as simply a flamboyant criminal gang and not any sort of political movement. As such, and alleged leader of the SR is being held in London on charges of robbing the Glenmacy Bank last August. English prosecutors promise that the upcoming trial will be 'The beginning of the end for this bunch of hoodlums.'

Force 1 Name: SAS
Force 1 Team Description: Britain's Special Air Service is arguably the most famous and well-regarded Special Forces unit in the world. Born out of the conflict in North Africa during World War II, the SAS have consistently proven their valor in Malay, Borneo, the Falklands, and the Gulf War. This enduring tradition of excellence ensures that those who wear the Winged Dagger remain the best of the best.

Force 2 Name: The September Revolution (TSR)
Force 2 Team Description: The European Liberatino Organization is an exclusive network of radical political dissenters dedicated to reducing the role of the European Economic Union. Their belief is that the EEU sacrifices the autonomy of smaller nations to benefit the larger countries. They have infiltrated the organization at many levels with the hopes of using the information gathered to bring down the EEU.


General Mission Description: BDNN WorldDesk:- Once again the airport at Entebbe, Uganda is the site of an international hostage incident. Twenty-five years after the infamous raid on Entebbe, sources in the Ugandan capital state that another hijacked airliner has touched down, with the blessing of the Ugandan Regime. The civilian airliner was originally en route from Paris to Tel Aviv when it was hijacked over the Mediterranean and diverted to Entebbe.

Members of the Marxist Popular Army, an eastern European neo-communist group, have claimed responsibility for the action and have demanded the release of political prisoners in France. Within the first few hours of the crisis, the plane's crew and most of its passengers have been released. However, a handful of Israeli soldiers on leave are still being held until financial demands are met.

Force 1 Name: Sayeret Matkal
Force 1 Team Description: Israel's primary Special Forces unit, the Sayeret Matkal is a long-range reconnaissance patrol unit with strong counter-terror abilities. Each member of the unit has been trained in elite operations deep within enemy-held territory. Their specialties include intelligence gathering and hostage rescue. Although their actions are often shrouded in extreme secrecy, it is known that they have been heavily involved in several highly sensitive political missions outside of Israel since their inception in 1957.

Force 2 Name: Marxist Popular Army (MPA)
Force 2 Team Description: NATO authorities believe that this militant easter European faction has ties to high profile members of overthrown communist bloc political parties. Intelligence sources have indicated that the MPA's agenda is to secure the release of key political prisioners and overthrow what they've deemed as imperialist European regimes.


General Mission Description: BDNN WorldDesk:- The Peruvian hostage crisis continues into its fifth day and there is still no end in sight. In the twilight hours of August 7, an unknown number of Peruvian Revolutionary Front (PRF) forces slipped into an ambassador's residence. Several dignitaries attending a reception in honor of the signing of the free trade agreement of the Americas were seized.

Currently all hostages have been released, except for six security personnel held somewhere within the ambassador's residence. PRF and Peruvian government represntatives are negotiating via cell phone. The PRF demands include freedom for several members imprisoned in Pervian jails without trial and the resumption of recently canceled aid and relief programs for farmers in Peru's northern-most provinces. The PRF has stated that the hostages will not be harmed, but their safety cannot be guaranteed in any sort of armed conflict with governement forces.

Force 1 Name: Peruvian Army
Force 1 Team Description: The special operations division of the Peruvian Army is an elite composite force comprised of members of the National Police, Army, Navy, and Air Force special operations units. They are supported by Peru's National Intelligence Service (NIS) and trained by the US government in hostage rescue and SWAT-style maneuvers.

Force 2 Name: Peruvian Revolutionary Front
Force 2 Team Description: This Marxist political faction is suspected of having strong ties with Cuba, where they may have received advanced weapons and demolitions training in addition to a much-needed safe haven during recent Peruvian government crackdowns. Although the identities of the rank-and-file members are kept purposely anonymous, it is believed that they were recruited from South American military forces.


General Mission Description: BDNN WorldDesk:- A helicopter containing a senior general in the east Mamzique Army has gone down in a suburb of the capital. The general is the leader of the military junta that rules east Mamzique. General Ratu was on his way to the U.N. sponsored peace talks being held in Rabat, which are attempting to bring the three-year border war between the central African states of Brokiiru and east Mamzique to an end.

Initial reports indicate that all passengers survived the crash, but there are reports of gunfire in the area and U.N. officials have expressed grave concern for the general's fate. A special U.N. armed force is attempting to extract the leader to a nearby consulate.

Force 1 Name: United Nations Special Forces
Force 1 Team Description: Essentially a force with strictly peacekeeping responsibilities, the UNSF have developed elite squads to ensure security in unstable parts of the world.

Force 2 Name: Brokiiru Army Commandos (BAC)
Force 2 Team Description: The Brokiiru Army Commandos are an armed movement actively trying to destabilize the North African regional government. In the past year, they have targeted senior goverment and military officials.

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